Why we care

To us, sustainability means making sure our business practices benefit everyone and everything in our ecosystem. The products we work with come from the earth, are carefully grown and picked by farmers, and enjoyed by our clients and their loved ones. We know we are all linked and act accordingly. As a profit-for-purpose company, we believe in fair transactions, compassion for our clients, partners and community, and respect for the environment.

Our Approach

1. Environment

The environment is incredibly important to our collective survival, and especially to our specific industry that relies on land and weather conditions to yield healthy crops. That’s why we are conscious of our environmental impact at every stage of the process. We are also proactive in offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees and through our partnership with Offset One.

2. Community

Our community is one of our top priorities. We help forge long-term connections based on trust and collaboration and are invested in paying fair wages, hiring locally, and practicing counterparty trading. We aim to inspire our community to support each other and give back to the society at large.

3. Giving Back

Part of being a profit-for-purpose business is partnering with a number of charities that are aligned with our values and that promote farmers’ mental health and environmental sustainability. We allocate our resources to organizations and businesses that are making a meaningful impact on the ground, and empower our employees, partners, and suppliers to make positive change in our community.

4. Managing Risk

With our years of experience and collective know-how, we efficiently manage the inherent risks of the Commodities and Agriculture industry by monitoring data and regularly integrating trends into our approach. We are flexible and understanding towards changes of circumstance and the challenges suppliers may face every now and then.

At Inari Australia, we believe the soft commodities industry is strengthened when we take care of our farmers, sellers, employees, partners and planet. We’re all in this together.


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