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Inari Australia’s dedicated team has vast knowledge and experience across the supply chain and focusses on delivering consistent, dependable and personal service to position ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.


We procure and trade grains, oilseeds, pulses, and other soft commodities from major growing regions across Australia. Our business is based on a win-win mentality, so our relationship with growers and suppliers is never just transactional. We take immense pride in knowing all our Growers and Buyers on a first-name basis.


The Team at Inari Australia has over 50 years of combined business experience and has traded over 500,000t of soft commodities. We pride ourselves on our extensive network of buyers and sellers and delivering products as per exact specifications and quality in accordance with GTA standards.

Our network of business partners and end users help us deliver Australian soft commodities all over the world.

Storage & Handling

Growers deliver grain into our storage and handling network which includes strategic partnerships with upcountry sites and port packing terminals spanning key growing regions in South Australia, Victoria, New South Whales and Southern Queensland.

At every step of the supply chain, we have robust quality management to ensure our Customers get value and accuracy on every single order.

All of our partner export Packing Facilities are registered and certified by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

Processing & Refining

We provide quality segregations for pulses grain which ensures that Growers and Suppliers capture value for every load they deliver.

Our storage and handling know-how allows us to maintain the quality of what we receive and ensure it is sent to Customers as per their individual needs and specifications.

The logistics network of rail and road Freight Providers we use allows us to move commodities from on-farm storage and bulk handlers to packing sites and port terminals in an efficient and timely manner.

Research & Market Insights

We provide all our Growers, Suppliers, Brokers and Buyers with information and market commentary on the domestic and international market drivers affecting prices and trends.

We believe in an open book policy – our Suppliers get direct access to our Traders so they can make informed decisions based on actionable insight and data we have collected on the ground and in collaboration with highly experienced international sources.


We take a practical and reliable approach to dealing with the procurement, storage, and transportation of pulses grains, oilseeds, and other soft commodities. Focused on seeking out efficiencies and actioning innovative solutions, we see providing consistently reliable freight and logistics solutions as important in building trust and further strengthening our position as a counterparty of choice.

We believe that teamwork and synergy are the most effective ways to achieve our goals and that since we are all in this together, transparency and respect are key.

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At Inari Australia, we believe the soft commodities industry is strengthened when we take care of our growers, customers, employees, partners and planet. We’re all in this together.

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